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The Stress Of Alzheimers

The Stress Of Alzheimers

There is no cure for Alzheimer but care and cure can go along way in improving the condition as the disease is considered to be life threatening and has no permanent cure whatsoever. However, alternative medicine help is being sought in order to help the condition. These includes herbs and dietary supplements. But the challenges faced by alternative medication are that the safety and effectiveness is unknown. Purity is also an issue, as FDA has no authority over supplement production. Side effects and reactions are goes unnoticed and documented in most cases and closes the door to further research. Consumers rarely read the warnings and in some cases they are not even documented on the product. Most of the supplements are known to counteract with the prescribed medication and can seriously accelerate one or more adverse reactions.

According to a recent study 1 out of 10 elderlies suffer from this disorder and by 2050 14 millions in America are probable to suffer from this disease. The disease has seven stages and the duration of suffering varies from three to twenty years. The disease is inherited in most cases. In few cases it is acquired due to physical illness clubbed with irrational habits such as drugs, drinking and smoking. As the disease is labeled as the most complex disease any permanent cure has not been reached as of yet. People from Alzheimer suffer for years, and their sufferings are not limited physically but more so psychologically and emotionally. Eventually they die after suffering for 6 years after diagnosis however their neurological system is affected by disease much before that at times even for twenty to twenty five years. The worst experience for the patients is that they die in midst of strangers as they forget their family and friends and keep tracing their identity till they are consumed by the disease completely.

But it becomes all the more difficult for the people who take care of the patient, as they have to cope with stress in all orders from physically, financially and emotionally. Their resources are consumed in the medication for the illness that can continue for years altogether without any hope of recovery. They can make it more comfortable for the patient by sticking names on the photograph of family members and keep it in view of the patient. They can also stick tags on drawers on the basis of its content. Placing a list of phone number of doctor, friends and relatives also helps the person incase he wants to reach anyone. By keeping the person involved in favorite activities can keep the stress of recalling at bay. In the late stages of his disease religious books could be read out to him and music can be played to soothe him. But nothing comes close to the physical proximity of near and dear ones at such time of distress.

During all this while stress is sure to take a toll on the caregiver so the caregiver must enroll in relevant forums and community service organizations. All this while many emotions can victimize the caregiver such as grief, guilt, anger, embarrassment, and loneliness. Discussions with other caregivers help in venting out feelings and sharing different techniques to further ease their job. As there is nothing as intriguing as to see the near one suffer and nearing to death. At times it can be physically challenging too. So help should be sought such as hiring day care or nurses at a later stage.


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